Couple Fights to Save Kittens From Freezing Cold!

“After about 20 minutes of snuggles and hugs, he cried for the first time. A major relief for me because I don’t want to lose one.”

“The kittens were finally dry and warm but were still shaking. I turned a heating pad on low under the blanket and covered them up, some more snuggles and rubs, and they were up to an appropriate body temperature!”

They were later named Squishy, Lou, and Lazarus.

“It gets a little crazy making time to feed them, take care of a 12-week old puppy, and be a dad of a 10-month-old, but we love these little floofs”.

Within a few months, all of the kittens had their own forever homes.

“We adopted out Laz to my cousin. We planned on doing the same with Lou, but he and Squish are inseparable and he has the goofiest personality! So the two will stay together forever.”

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