Twisted Thug Filmed Himself Kicking Cat in England Street!

ENGLAND – This is the sickening moment a cruel thug was filmed kicking a defenceless cat in a British residential street.

The video clip, which was posted on Facebook, has been viewed 1.4 million times and shared by more than 9,000 people.

The shocking footage clearly shows the youngster lure the cat over before cruelly kicking the animal.

Tyrese Collins, the person who posted the video to his Facebook page, wrote: “Ahhhh man I have no words.”

However, when many of his followers found the sickening footage funny it sparked angry responses from other users.

Sam Morris stated: “It ain’t even funny, it’s sick! That’s someone’s animal!”

Others called for an immediate police investigation to find the man responsible and arrest him.

Tyrese Collins, who is listed as living Lewisham, South London, posted the shocking video a few weeks ago.

On a second video, which has been shared nearly 2,000 times and posted days later, he commented: “This is getting out of hand now.”

That clip shows a second man kicking someone’s pet cat, sending it flying through the air.

The exact location of both incidents is yet unknown.

The RSPCA have confirmed the incidents have indeed been reported to them and they are now looking into it.

An RSPCA spokesperson stated: “We were saddened to see this upsetting video, and we are currently looking into it further. We would encourage anyone with first-hand information about this incident to ring our emergency cruelty line on 0300 123 4999.”