Cute But Frightened Kitten Found Dumped With Trash!

HAMMERSMITH, ENGLAND – A tiny kitten is now recovering after being found dumped near bins in Hammersmith .

Bob the bin cat was found in a pile of rubbish in Hammersmith

Bob the bin cat was found in a pile of rubbish in Hammersmith

The four-week-old tabby kitten, now named Bob the bin cat, was abandoned in a pile of rubbish near Hammersmith Tube station .

He is now being looked after and cared for by staff at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, who sway the cute cat was fortunate to survive its ordeal.

The cat was found by a member of the public. Bob the bin cat was in a plastic bag looking extremely frightened back on May 3.

Head of catteries at the famous animal rescue centre Lindsey Quinlan stated: “It’s so hard to believe that someone could abandon this gorgeous little kitten.

“With unpredictable temperatures soaring in London recently, Bob was so lucky to be found before his condition deteriorated any further.

“Against all odds, Bob is now doing really well after his nasty ordeal and is currently recovering in a foster home where he’s gone from feeling shy and fearful to being playful and affectionate.

“We are confident Bob won’t have any trouble finding a lovely home in the coming weeks and that his rocky start to life will just help to make him the most confident and courageous cat on the block!”

How cute!