Meet Britain’s Most Famous Internet Cats!


The Magnificats are Rocky, Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman. They live with their people in London, England.

Each of the Magnificats has their own distinct look and personality and we’d love you to get to know them. So please enjoy our pictures and share the love!

You can also meet the cats on their Facebook page (TheMagnificats) where they have about 1.3 million friends and regularly post great photos and video updates.

#1 – ROCKY

About: Rocky is 12 pounds of solid muscle! He’s 8 year-old British Blue X Turkish Van and the toughest of all his 6 siblings.

1a ROCKY-min

Personality: There’s a deep and ancient wisdom to Rocky. He’ll look at you and stare into your soul!”

1B ROCKY-min

Likes: He’s happiest when he’s outdoors, hunting.  He’s lost his eyebrows all but one – through fighting, knowing him. But when he’s home he wants love. And fish!


About: Junior is a 6-year-old pure-white Turkish Van with bi-colored eyes.

3a JUNIOR-min

Personality: Junior’s over-riding characteristic is his lovingness. He’s happiest when he’s head-bumping, nudging and lying on his back to be tickled.

Junior closeup-min

Likes: Hunting or chasing anything that moves. His favourite toy is the laser pointer.

Banner JUNIOR 11 Sep 2015-min

#3 – UGS

About: Ugs is an 8 year-old Persian who came to live with us from the age of two.

4B UGS-min

Personality: Of his six siblings, Ugs is probably the kindest, most caring and sweet-natured; he’s just a bundle of love! Ugs will follow us around the house like a puppy then he’ll stop and look up with an expression of pure love.

4A UGS-min

Likes:  His favorite thing of all is ‘Dreamies’ – little biscuits. He LIVES for those!


About: Prince is a Blue Point Ragdoll Sasha has had since 2007. He was her first ragdoll. He’s a big boy at about 6kgs (13 pounds!). He wakes up Sasha’s fiance every morning at 5:30a.m with a persistent-but-gentle tapping and scratching on his back—time for breakfast, says Prince.


Personality:  Doesn’t socialize. You could almost describe him as grumpy—he’s been known to give the younger cats a whack around the head if they get too giddy. I think Prince likes to see himself as the ‘daddy’ of the family. But he’s all Ragdoll: loving, docile, floppy, slightly aloof and rather self-assured.

2a PRINCE-min

Likes: He’s very happy to sit beside us on the sofa while we’re watching TV and loves to be stroked and fussed over. He’ll usually give Steven his paw to hold and sit quietly purring for as long as we’re there; it’s very sweet.


About: Princess Pee-Pee (Pixie) Persephone came into the world on Valentine’s Day 2011. One of a litter of 6, she’s a blue-point Ragdoll with mesmeric blue eyes, perfect whiskers and immaculate ear tufts.

5A PIXIE-min

Personality: She’s far too grand to be cuddled. She’s a princess and there are standards to uphold!  She’s a girly-girl, too. She doesn’t walk, she trots like she’s wearing high heels. She’ll take a few quick steps and then stop, have a quick groom and then trot along some more with her nose in the air.

5B PIXIE-min

Likes: she likes nothing more than to bait the other cats and if they’re really unlucky they’ll get a swipe around the head. Pixie has a mean left-hook, so much so that one of her nick-names on the M7 Facebook page is ‘Thuggy’.

She also likes to escape, which has led to netting being put up to contain her.

5 C Pixie 3-min


About: Born June 2011, Tom is a pure-bred seal-point Persian from a litter of 6. Finding Tom was easy for his new owners; Tom picked them! He walked right up to Steven and lay on his back to be tickled, purring and biting his fingers. It was love at first sight.

Some people call him Tommy but his real name is Tomerine (pronounced Tom-er-eeny).

6B TOM-min

Personality: To say that Tom is a little eccentric is perhaps an understatement. His face looks permanently grumpy, his eyes are googly and wobble from side-to-side. He has a little pink lip and tiny teeth which make him look like a teddy bear. He shuffles along waggling his bottom meowing like an angry old man.

6A TOM-min

Likes: Cheese (sometimes milk), which he will meow for until you give in, and to cuddle. He likes nothing better to lie in his mum or dad’s arms, wrapping his front paws tightly around their wrist while they tickle his chin. He’s often asleep within a minute or two, just like a human baby. And then he’ll wake-up – and the cheese hunt begins again!”

2 90MINS TOM 13 SEP 2015-min


About: Norman is a 3-year old bi-colour Persian. Poor Norman was very much the runt of his litter. He was hand-reared by his breeder and at one point it really didn’t look as though he was going to make it; but look at him now!


Personality: Norman has always been a bit of a scaredy-cat – he was literally frightened of his own shadow. But with lots of love and a very helpful session with renowned pet-communicator Laura Stinchfield, Norman has made great progress. He’s a very happy little boy.


Likes: Norman loves routine. He’ll watch Dad very carefully at bed-time to see when he’s ready to go upstairs. Then Norman will zoom up to the bedroom, jump up onto the bed and wait to be stroked – and give a short ‘meow’ if the stroking stops! He’ll lie there happily purring for a while until he gets bored and decides to go and wind-up his siblings.