These Cats Are The Real Life Doppelgangers Of Beloved Disney Characters!

Disney princesses and other characters are hugely popular all over the world. You probably remembered how amazed by them you were as a kid. However, you will be amazed once again when you see their cat doppelgangers!

These 8 cats look just like the beloved characters from Disney cartoons and we have to say that there’s also no difference between them! Check them out:

1. Toulouse, the fluffy kitty from Aristrocats. This kitty has been everyone’s favorite at some point or the other.

2. The adorable Siamese cats have captured everyone’s heart. You remember them from Lady and the Tramp. These two have made all of you laugh really hard.

3. Dinah, the cute one from Alice in Wonderland. We are pretty sure that everyone remembers this kitty.

4. Marie, the adorable kitty from the Aristocats. This little kitty is not just beautiful but charming as well.

5. Lucifer, the amazing kitty from Cinderella. Well, this kitty created a lot of trouble for Cinderella.

6. Thomas O’Malley, the one who won everyone’s heart from The Aristocats. This kitty knows for sure how to enjoy life.

7. Rajah, the adorable one from Aladdin. This one never failed to win everyone’s heart.

8. Berlioz, the cute feline creature again from The Aristocats. This kitty is full of life.