Dog Completely Devastated By The Loss Of His Best Friend Meets An Unexpected Companion!

Forsberg and Ginger were literally always together. To find the Golden Retriever, you just had to find the tabby cat.

Sadly, Ginger recently died from thyroid cancer at the ripe age of 15, leaving Forsberg completely devastated. Suddenly alone, the dog seemed to be constantly searching for his lost buddy all over the house. He didn’t understand the disappearance of his best friend.

Confronted with the emotional turmoil of her pup, the owner whose name is Jen Philion couldn’t sit back and doing nothing. Seeing that the sadness wasn’t alleviating, she decided to find him a new companion. A few days later, they welcomed Maxwell, a young perky kitten, into their loving home.

While Ginger will always hold a very special place in Forsberg’s heart, he brightened up immediately with the presence of his new friend. The kitten’s being there filled an immense void left by Ginger, and he now has a companion for nap time!

Because they may not understand the disappearance of a loved one, animals often suffer just as much as humans. Learning to live alone after spending so many years with someone else can be extremely difficult. Sometimes the only remedy at all is to offer them the opportunity to develop another friendship. The one between Maxwell and Forsberg strengthens each and every day and has permitted the pooch to regain his joy.

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