Meowing Kitten Shows Up on Woman’s Doorstep, and Love Takes Over!

A woman whose name is Steff shared her rescue story about this brave kitty, which has since gone viral.

Steff was inside her home when suddenly she heard meowing. The kitten’s cry was so frantic, she decided to go outside to see what was wrong.


She opened the door to see a tiny kitten who was in a very rough shape and alone.

Steff tried to look for the mama cat, but there was no mama cat to be found!


And so, she took the kitten to her home and gave him the name of Sirius.

Poor Sirius was infected completely infested with fleas and he was very hungry.

Steff gave him a proper meal and a warm bath.

She documented the incredible rescue this kitten on her Instagram account.

What an adorable little kitty!