Every Cat Owner Should Know These Tricks

Owning any kind of pet, especially a cat, is hard work. You have to feed your cats, take proper care of them, and possibly even rearrange furniture to keep them safe. In more ways than one, it’s like having a baby. Just like babies, though, cat can ruin stuff in your home. Whether it’s breaking a vase or ruining your blinds, there’s no way to save some things in your home.

The good news is that you can do a lot of things to keep your furniture, plants or other stuff safe. Here are some home tricks every cat owner needs to know:

How to Keep Cats Off Your Keyboard

Cats love sitting on keyboards. Whether you’re on your PC or a laptop, there’s a good chance your cat will sit on it at some point. You know how to ‘repel’ it? Just put a box next to your laptop – it’ll gladly go in there.

Keep Your Plants Safe

Your cat ruining your plants? Just put a few pine cones in the pot – they’ll avoid it like the plague.

Destroy Fleas with Ease

Is your cat full of fleas? There’s an easy way to destroy them. Just light up a small candle in the room. The critters will be attracted to the light and get away from your cat.

DIY Scoop

Instead of buying a food scoop, why not make it on your own? Take a look at the pics and try it out. Alternatively, you can fill a plastic pitcher with cat food and pour it in your pet’s dish.

How to Clean Cat Hair

Your cat littering your home with fur? Try collecting it with rubber dishwasher gloves. You’ll be amazed by the results!

How to Keep Ants Out of Your Cat’s Food

To prevent ants from crawling all over your cat’s food, a chalk circle around the bowl will keep them away.

Keep Your Cat Away from Furniture

This one’s a real nightmare for pet owners. To keep them away from furniture, a bit of double-sided tape or aluminum foil will do.

Neutralize Cat Litter Odor

Put a few dry green tea leaves in your cat’s litter box to neutralize the odor.