Frightened Rescued Kitten Just Needed a Little Bit of Love!

A woman rescued this tiny little kitten from the pouring rain one day and literally fell in love with her.

“In 2012, I was sitting in a coffee shop in Korea during monsoon season and it was pouring down rain.”

“She was frightened”.

“I kept hearing faint kitten crying but I assumed it was someone’s cat in their home. After a few hours I realized I was still hearing a kitten so I walked outside in the rain and found this pitiful little thing in a cardboard box out in the rain”.

“And so, I scooped her up the box and ran home.”

The very next day, she took the kitty to be seen by a veterinarian, and after a while, and lots of love and patience, the fur-baby learned to trust her human mother, and lived happily ever after!









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