Family in Canada, Mourning the Loss of the Senior Pet Cat, Are ‘Rescued’ By ‘The Fab 5’!

CANADA – We here at The Best Cat Page would like to share an amazing adoption story that happened this past week, in a rescue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada called Craig Street Cats!

Darcy told us, “Those involved in rescue know that it inevitably, almost always, will be the kittens adopted first. So often, if a cat doesn’t get adopted as a tiny, cute, bundle of fluff as a baby, it will literally grow up in rescue.

Yes, they’re fed and cared for. And loved on as much as we volunteers can when there are almost 200 cats in care! But . . . they’re not in a home. Their own home.

But last week, that changed. Many of the regular volunteers had heard rumors, however, until it actually happened, we were almost afraid to really say anything. Fear of possibly “jinxing it” was in the back of each person’s mind who’d heard.


A lovely family who regularly donated necessities to Craig Street Cats also visited the cats. They’d mourned the loss of their last senior cat and in time were ready to share their home again. They knew they needed cats in their house, to truly make it feel like home again. Out of the ‘Adult room’, they carefully selected some cats. Cats that they liked, cats that liked them cats that liked each other!

But not merely a couple cats, not three, not even FOUR!

They adopted FIVE, very lucky, very special, ADULT cats!!

The Fab Five, as they’ve been affectionately dubbed, are Spider, Echo, Bingo, Porsche and Jill.

Echo, one of the youngest at 3 years old, had been in the shelter for 2 years. Porsche, the other 3-year-old, was born into the shelter when her pregnant Mom was rescued. Bingo, a 4-year-old, had lived all her life in rescue. Last but not least, Jill and Spider. Both 6 years old, both brought into the shelter as kittens. Both, now only a year away from being considered a senior. And now, all in their forever home!


For the volunteers and the shelter manager, words really can’t describe our sheer joy. This was unheard of! Unimaginable! Five adults? All bonded? All cats that have been passed over for years? It was magical.

Craig Street Cats is a no-kill shelter; and luckily for these 5, this is, and always will be, their policy. There was never an expiry date put on these cats. Craig Street Cats is the only shelter in our city that truly focuses on helping to care for feral colonies; with militant TNR practices, they’ve made an impact on the feral and stray population in our city.

Because of their no-kill policy, because so many volunteers had come to know and love these beautiful cats, because we never stopped whispering to each and everyone, ‘Don’t worry, I promise your day will come.’ A family now has five curious, mysterious, amazing little hearts and souls to call their own”.

What a sweet rescue story!

Craig Street Cats does not receive a dime of taxpayer’s money, or city/provincial support. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. For more information please visit