Feline ‘Bank Robber’ Found Trapped Overnight in British Bank!

ENGLAND – Am extremely curious cat was found trapped by itself on the inside of a glass door in a bank in England after hours.

Twitter user Jaimee shared some photos of the stranded cat peering longingly out of the clear bank door on Tuesday night.

“Out walking through town and we’ve just found a cat stuck in a bank,” Jaimee stated.

The trapped cat was seen sitting alone inside the closed bank and appeared to walk closer to the door as Jaimee approached the glass concerned.

It is still unclear just how or why the cat became trapped inside the bank, but Jaimee contacted local animal rescue authorities to ensure the cat’s safety.

“Just to let everyone know, we called the RSPCA and talked to the restaurant next door and they’ve assured us the cat will be okay,” she stated.

Since the cat was rescued, there have been many people who have come forward offering to adopt the cat!

via www.upi.com