From Hoarder’s Cage to Loving Embrace: Cat Thrives with New Mom

Animal hoarding often paints a bleak picture, with many pets living in perilous conditions. Yet, amidst the gloom, there emerge stories of resilience and hope. Two such tales include Sawyer the pig and Badger the dog, both of whom found loving homes after being rescued from hoarding environments.

Nonna’s Second Chance

Now, the spotlight shines on a feline named Nonna. As reported by GeoBeats Animals, Nonna’s journey began in a house in Louisiana, where she was one among approximately 30 cats trapped in a mass hoarding situation.

nonna rescue

Fate intervened when a compassionate woman from Connecticut stumbled upon Nonna’s pictures shared by a rescue group. Drawn by the cat’s innocent gaze, she felt an instant connection and decided to adopt her. Initially, Nonna displayed signs of shyness, but with time, patience, and love, she began to embrace her new environment. While she quickly formed a bond with her human caregivers, she seemed particularly keen on befriending another member of the household – Stevie, a fellow rescue cat.

nonna hoarder

Building Feline Friendships

Though Stevie seemed less than enthusiastic about her new companion, Nonna’s persistent and playful nature won her over. She often mimicked Stevie, following her around the house, much to her adoptive family’s amusement. What sets Nonna apart is her distinct, quirky meow – a sound that her adoptive mom fondly says resembles a greeting: “hello!”


These two feline friends, Nonna and Stevie, bring boundless joy and a touch of mischief to their home. Their mother admits they are a handful but declares she wouldn’t trade them for the world. She shares, “I have a special place in my heart for rescue cats.”

bauty nonna

For a closer look into Nonna and Stevie’s heartwarming journey, watch the detailed video below: