How to Find Out if Your Cat is Right-pawed or Left-pawed, as Demonstrate by Maru and Hana! – VIDEO

Japan’s favorite Sottish Fold, Maru, and his BFF Hana lend us a paw to show you how.

Have you ever wondered just how to tell which paw is your cat’s most dominant one? Perhaps you’re curious to find out now that the question has been raised. Well, thanks to the YouTube channel mugumogu, which features Japanese internet feline celebrities Maru and Hana, learning how has never been easier!

All you need to get started is a jar or a cup, some cat treats, and of course, your cat! By observing which paw your cat uses to fish out the treat, you can tell

So, which is it for Maru and Hana? First, here’s a quick recap:



It seems like Hana prefers using her left paw, while Maru goes at it with his, well … nose?! Okay, maybe that was just a fluke so let’s try it again:


Now, he’s got it! Unlike Hana, it appears Maru is probably right-handed. In fact, according to early research, about half of all cats are right-handed, or if you prefer, (right-pawed). 40 percent are left-handed (left-pawed), while the remaining 10 percent are, well, paw-bidextrous. That’s right, just like humans, cats can ambidextrous, too!

What’s even stranger is that while statistically one just out of 10 cats is ambidextrous, it’s a pretty rare phenomenon in dogs at al. If you repeated the test a few times and found your cat switching paws each time, then chances are your cat is probably capable of using both paws equally as well.

So, go ahead! Try this experiment with YOUR pet!