They Were Determined to Bring This Kitten to the Shelter … But They Never Actually Made It There!

As every cat person already knows so well, sometimes it is the person who adopts a cat, other times – it is the cat who adopts a person. Indy, who is a tiny four-week-old kitten, was found in a parking lot, his eyes crusty and ribs sticking out. Fortunately, he came across a family that immediately set out to help him and wanted to let the baby find a home – which, in the end, never happened – but only because his future best friends were already there.

Indy’s sweet story was originally shared by Imgur user Trousersrolled. Now lucky Indy has all the care and love a kitten can dream of.

The kitten was just wandering around in the parking lot alone, his mother and siblings nowhere in sight. The family picked him up immediately, deciding to clean the kitty up and take him to the animal shelter.

However, seemingly, the kitten had quite different plans…

He sure took a liking to the family right away, cuddling up to them, and even riding around inside the hood of the jacket of one of his new friends.

He finally enjoyed some decent meals on his rescuers’ laps.

It soon became quite clear that his new forever family was already there!

Indy’s eyes healed. He quickly became extremely comfortable in his new home and turned into a serious “cuddlebug,” as well as an active little kitten.

He even was taken under the wing of the family’s 15-year-old cat, and the two of them are now sharing a wonderful friendship.

With so much innate charm, Indy found a brand new forever home much quicker than anyone anticipated.

“My aunt also fell in love with another kitten too young to be separated from his mother and literally said ‘well we already have kitten formula, so we might as well…’ and then brought home another cat,” Trousersrolled wrote. “They love each other and the older cat is completely cool with them now.”

Cats – they choose us – it’s rarely the other way around!

Photo credits: Trousersrolled/