Elderly Shelter Cat Can’t Sleep Unless His New Mom Does Something For Him!

Jamie was a mature shelter cat when he got a second chance and found a brand new forever home. As all cat lover already know, It’s usually hard if not impossible for elderly cats to get adopted and find families who are going to love them. Thankfully, Jamie is among the lucky ones!

He was originally brought to a shelter because his previous owner went to a nursing home and unfortunately Jamie couldn’t go as well.

The future didn’t look too bright at all for the then 13 year-old Burmese cat. Despite his years, he still managed to find his way into the heart of a young woman. She was absolutely prepared to give Jamie all the love and care he deserved. The best part of the story is that even now, Jamie can’t sleep unless his new loving human holds his paw. Whenever she lets go, Jamie immediately wakes up again and claws her hand right back to him.

Watch the inspiring video clip just below with your own eyes! You simply have to see this to believe it!