Firefighters Hear Strange Cries Coming From Fire Truck. Then Reach In And Pull Out …

When you first think about animals and firefighters, dogs are probably the first to come to mind, particularly dalmatians.

In fact, we believe you wouldn’t think twice if a fire engine went zooming by with a pup’s head bobbing out the window.

However, not many people expect to see cats of any kind with firefighters, but that’s exactly who has been hanging around one fire department in Indianapolis, IN.

Members of the department were shocked when they heard mewing coming from their truck and, upon further investigation, they discovered three newborn kittens inside!

They believe the babies were delivered in the engine by their mama just a few days earlier. However, with mom nowhere in sight, the firefighters set to getting these kitties the love and care they needed.

In the video clip, the kittens are getting bottle fed by their rescuers in one of the most adorable sights you will see today!

All thanks to the quick response of these amazing firefighters, the babies will now have a happy and healthy forever life to look forward to.

And it all just goes to show that these heroes do a whole lot more than the already difficult and dangerous task of putting out fires!

Source: Facebook / Indianapolis Fire Department