Meet Juno! BUT WAIT! This Cat Reminds Us Of – Colonel Meow!!!!!

Juno really doesn’t like you!

The kitty writes: “It all started back when the authorities started uploading pictures of me to Instagram. Each day I am tormented by the camera and they fake me into believing they have a treat in their hand so I look their way.

‘Also humans, please stop making noises so I look at you… it’s not working. Humans are my peasants and I am their king, so maybe this cat model gig isn’t too bad after all”.

If you ask us, Juno looks exactly like the late great Colonel Meow!

Can you tell the difference between the two?

And if you are not sure who Colonel Meow was, go to Colonel Meow and Friends on Facebook! What a beautiful cat he was, too!

More info: Instagram