Kitty Has a Very Peculiar Way of Sleeping

This kitty sleeps like a true champion.

His name is Tetsuro and he is one cat that somehow just knows a thing or two about napping, and he does it in a uniquely human way.

The precious wee one has been captured by his humans sleeping belly up on several occasions.

People from all over the world have fallen in love with his silly style of sleeping and he actually amassed quite a following in his home country of Japan!

His loving humans have been documenting Tetsuro’s sleeping style as he catches some z’s with a Twitter account which has gone viral.

There are several pictures of Tetsuro in his very human-like slumber around his home, on cat beds and sometimes just on plain flooring.

Tetsuro’s sleeping position is absolutely captivating because he not only looks like he is a little, sleeping human, but cats typically sleep on their stomachs.

And if you would like to see more of this kitty, his owners regularly share pictures of Tetsuro on their twitter account @goma_chips.