Hilarious Motorbiking Cat Turns Heads in Rio de Janeiro! – VIDEO!

BRAZIL – This amazing cat is the best pal a biker could hope for. Chiquinho, Brazil’s answer to Garfield, always rides on his owner’s motorbike.

The 12-year-old even wears a cool pair of shades as he zooms around on the bike and has been somewhat of a local celebrity in Rio de Janeiro.

His owner Alexandre Goulart posts many hilarious videos on his YouTube channel of him and his ‘gato’ Chiquinho blissfully biking about.

If you want to know just what it is like to ride a motorcycle behind a cat, the videos make for essential watching.

Some videos show the cat even looks around for traffic whenever they come to a stop, and is unfazed by high speeds.


When he’s not riding on a bike, the cat likes to lie on his back to soak up the sun, exposing his plump belly.

Mr. Goulhart told Globo.com that the diet of his plump fur-baby includes a basic ration of yogurt, beetroot, and steamed carrots.

The father-of-four went on to explain: “I’ve looked for a meaning in life without Chiquinho, not found. It’s the love of my life. I ask God to give many years of life to him.

“Chiquinho is the king of São Conrado.”

His absolutely smitten owner takes the cat everywhere during his daily routine.


The cat even goes with him to church, the shops, the beach and the pizzeria.

Chiquinho also demands his daily walk down the sandy shores of their nearby beach.

He is definitely and absolutely the coolest cat in Brazi, if not the world.