Cats and dogs were left resembling “Smurfs” after Clacton ink fire

We all know what smurfs are, right? Well, we’re not exactly clear on the species, but we know they’re not cats or dogs. So, where did all these Smurf-like cats and dogs in Clacton come from?!

Cats and dogs were left resembling "Smurfs" after Clacton ink fire 1

After sacks of ink exploded in a shed fire in Clacton, Essex, the blue dust went up in the wind, painting the coats of these poor pets blue. Don’t worry – none of them were harmed. They just looked weird.

The ink fire broke out in a boat and shed on Coronation Road a few weeks ago and was thankfully non-hazardous. After environmental health officers inspected the powder, they easily determined it wasn’t harmful. The powder was isolated by a trench the inspectors dug around the shed.

However, the fire would smoulder on for days, with the ink powder being carried in the wind. It has already covered more than a few roofs and a few unfortunate pets as well. Imagine the shock when Clacton residents saw blue cats and dogs on the streets. We wouldn’t believe our eyes as well! There were reports of rabbits “turning” blue since the fire broke out, creating a blue animal rhapsody in the small town in Essex.