GALLERY: Very Curious Cat Discovers Fake Bird, Hilariously Begins to Question the Meaning of Life!

A man managed to capture the confused look of his neighbor’s cat, Frank when he discovered the presence a fake raven… and Frank loses it.

“What in holy hell is this? Have I been stalking a fake bird all this time”?


Am I the only one who sees this? Wait … is everything fake”?


‘Is that you George? And are you real”?


“Are you a part of this, too, George? Are you working for the ministry or something? Are we in some kitty version of the matrix? George?? Answer me for the love of cat treats”!


“Well, if this bird isn’t real, then maybe nothing is real? And if nothing is real, then that can only mean – I’M FREE! I’m free to do whatever I want whenever I want without any consequences! I can jump up on the counters! I can claw the drapes and the couch without upsetting the humans! I can eat as many fishy treats as my heart desires! No more visits to the vet! NO MORE FEAR!


Sadly, things did not go quite as planned when Frank went home to do all the things he set out to do in his new free state of mind. After dancing on the counters and clawing the drapes and couch, Frank ate the entire bag of fishy treats and his humans had to take him to the vet to help him with the worst tummy ache he ever had.

He now sits in his cat tree, questioning the meaning of life while wearing a tin foil hat on top of his head. The lesson of the day: never tease your cat with a fake bird outside.