Days Old Kitten Crawling on Roadside is Saved by Love

Just about a week ago, a teeny gray kitten was born but was somehow left behind crawling hopelessly and helplessly in the street after the pouring rain, but the little guy’s fate was changed entirely when a kind woman spotted him and gave him a new family and new hope.

Bruce was born somewhere around Kingsland, Auckland. Kathryn van Beek spotted this palm-sized ball of gray fur crawling down on the roadside all by himself and soaking wet.

She checked with the neighbors to see if perhaps he belonged to someone but no one claimed the little wee one. Kathryn knew this little one needed a family and a home and someone to care of him, and she decided she was going to make it happen.

He was no more than one day old, so young that his umbilical cord was still attached to him. Despite his rough beginning into this world, this little fluff ball fought hard to survive and has

The around the clock care began as he was slowly nursed the little fragile life back to health and breathed strength into this tiny body.

“My mum and dad think that getting up every two hours, smelling like milk all the time and arguing about who is better at getting me to sleep is probably not too dissimilar from being the parent of a human,” the page says.

Bruce is thriving in his new home.

A little love goes a long way.