Grumpy Shelter Kitten With Feline Scabies Is Transformed into A Very …

This poor grumpy looking wee one came to the shelter in need of lots of love.


However, she very quickly transformed from grouch to love bug.

This lovely ginger girl was taken in by the San Jose Animal Care Center and she was in obvious discomfort.


She was infected with feline scabies, which is a condition that causes hair loss and itchy skin.

“There is no clearer way to see how miserable scabies can make an animal than seeing the transformation of this one tiny kitten,” Dr. Ostermann shared with Love Meow.


“She wouldn’t move much. She would sit, with squinted eyes, looking miserable.”

Dr. Ostermann, along with the help of her team began treatment for the little rescue feline and gave her what she needed to bring joy back into that little face.


Within just one month, the changes in the kitten were incredible!

She started out as a grouchy loner and then miraculously changed into quite the playful love bug!

“A few weeks into her recovery, she was already looking happier and seemingly in less pain,” Dr. Ostermann stated.

Just look at the transformation!


Photo credits: Dr. Sharon Ostermann at Tails of a Shelter Vet