Cat Reunited with Portland Family After 11 Long Years!

OREGON – More proof yet that microchipping your pet works!

Just this past week, a Portland family and their cat were reunited after being separated for 11 years!

Dean McCrea and Meredith Warren lost Misty all the way back when she was just two years old. There had been a coyote in the neighborhood that had killed a cat and they simply assumed it was Misty since they never saw her again.

However, the gray cat was brought into the Multnomah County Animal Shelter this week and the microchip pulled up their names.

“She hasn’t missed a lot of meals. You can tell she’s very healthy,” Warren stated.

After all these years, it seems like Misty still recognizes everybody.

“She doesn’t seemed stressed. She’s very sweet, just purrs and purrs,” Warren stated.

Some people have asked about whether another family is missing a cat they’ve taken care of for 11 years. McCrea and Warren explained they hope to keep Misty but would be willing to talk with another family if that’s the case.

However, after 11 long years, McCrea, Warren and Misty are a happy family once again!