Kittens Rescued After Being Thrown from Moving Vehicles!

CANADA – Regina Cat Rescue is fully crediting quick-thinking witnesses along Highway 11 with saving a kitten’s life.

Volunteers at the rescue say the cat, who is now nicknamed “Ewan”, was tossed out of the window of a moving vehicle Saturday, just north of Regina. Witnesses at the scene of the incident were unable to obtain the licence plate of the vehicle speeding away.

“[Ewan] had mostly superficial injuries, scrapes and wounds, and he needed some stitches,” explained Alanna Whippler, who is a volunteer with Regina Cat Rescue.


This three-week-old kitten was found on a highway near Carlyle, along with three dead littermates. She’s now being bottle-fed by Danielle Gauthier, a Regina Cat Rescue volunteer in Regina.


She went on to say that the kitten has since been treated for a respiratory infection and ear mites, and is currently living in a foster home.

“He’s very friendly and affectionate,” she went on to say.

A second cat — who has been nicknamed “Magda” — was turned in to volunteers with Regina Cat Rescue, after she and three littermates were discovered altogether on a highway near the town of Carlyle. Magda is three weeks old and is the only kitten that survived.

“She was pretty dirty,” staed Danielle Gauthier, Magda’s foster mother, who described the kitten as spunky and loud. “She was pretty cold and a bit dehydrated and dirty, but she’s pretty lucky she was found so quickly.”

Whippler noted that shelters and animal rescues do see cases of cruelty on occasion, but these cases stand out.

“It was really quite upsetting,” concluded Whippler. “It’s hard knowing that people are willing to do that.”

Both kittens are expected to make full recoveries.