Newborn Kitten Found on Side of Busy Road

A wonderful woman spotted a tiny newborn kitten on the side of a busy road, alone. He was no older than a few hours, the tinniest thing she had ever seen.

The kind woman immediately rushed the kitten to get help. He weighed just 0.16 lbs (72 grams) at that time, but this little preemie baby had the fighting spirit like a lion.

Megan, a fosterer from @meggiecatsmeows took the tiny fur baby into her home and started feeding him every two hours to build him up. “My foster baby ‘Parker’ is beyond tiny,” she said. “It’s very hard when the babies are this young without a mommy.”

His coloring is quite unique. If you look at his back, it appears that he has wings. “Those wings carried him to safety as he was only hours old when he was found on the side of a busy road and brought to me. He’s a very special kitten,” said Megan who has been fostering cats for five years and has saved over 50 babies.

The face that little Parker is finally gaining weight makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile!

At 1 month old, Little Parker finally weighed over 1/2 lbs.

The day Meggie returned her foster kitten to the shelter to be put up for adoption, it wasn’t easy for her. She became very attached to Little Parker. “I know I saved him and that’s the only thing that’s getting me through letting him go.”

Megan continues to help other kitties find their forever homes.

And for the record, Little Parker was adopted.

Watch video: As soon as he opened his eyes, he was ready to explore!

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