Heroic Dog Rescues Tiny Abandoned Kitten And Brings Her Home During Rain Storm!

Hazel is an adorable mix of Yorkie, Chihuahua and poodle. She currently lives in Abilene, Texas along with her beloved mother, whose name is Monica Burks.

Hazel loves and adores Monica with all of her tiny heart and and often bring her surprises. One day, the pup shocked her mom by bringing home an abandoned kitten.

Hazel Rescues Tiny Abandoned Kitten And Brings Her Home 1

All of this took place one rainy day when she let Hazel outside to go to the bathroom. The dog did not come right back from her potty break this particular time. And so, Monica gazed outdoors to see where her dog might have gone to. It was then that she noticed Hazel returning with a brand new friend.

Hazel Rescues Tiny Abandoned Kitten And Brings Her Home 2

Hazel apparently discovered the kitty abandoned on the side of the road, and so, she rescued it – expertly coaxing the wet feline to follow her home during the heavy downpour. Each and every time the kitten stopped, Hazel seemed to be encouraging the kitten to keep on following her. Despite the heavy downpour, Hazel completely refused to leave the kitten’s side.

Monica said that she simply could not believe her own eyes when she saw her heroic pup helping out the stray kitten. It was at that moment Monica thought to record the priceless moment and share it on social media.

Watch their sweet story in the video just below: