Retired Guard Dog Becomes Surrogate Mom to Orphaned Kitten

A little tiny calico kitten was saved by a retired guard dog who simply fell in love with the little orphaned kitten. Now Lily the dog guards and protects her little feline friend and has become her surrogate mother.

Lorrie R. and her family live near a heavily wooded park in South Florida where every morning, they take their large Akita, Lily, there for a walk.

“I heard a loud funny noise as we entered the park and I thought it was a bird. We walked Lily and on the way out I decided to investigate the noise that was still quite loud thinking it could be an injured bird,” Lorrie said.

As they approached closer to the noise, Lily the dog began sniffing around and that’s when she found the then 2 week old kitten. Knowing that it would be impossible for the kitten to survive in the woods, Lorrie scooped her up and took her home.


Lorrie tried to feed the kitten, but she was nowhere near weaned from her original mom. They decided to take her to the Humane Society thinking that they could help her somehow.

Unfortunately, according to Lorrie , both the Humane Society and the Broward County Animal Control offices said they would not take the kitten and would put her down if left there. HS offered to give Lorrie KMR and told her if she hand fed the kitten for just a month they would then take the kitten in to be placed.


“So I brought her home thinking it was going to be a very long month keeping them apart and safe. Much to my surprise, Lily has adopted the kitten! Comes and gets me when she needs to be fed and watches to make sure I do it right!” Lorie added, “They seem to be doing very well together, though I am afraid to leave them untended- the size difference is major. I think Lily wants to keep her and I think in a months time she may get her wish!”

They knew they belonged with each other from the day they met.