Heartwarming Clip Shows Macaque Massaging Cat, Removing Ticks from Her Fur – Before Eating Them!

They’re well-known for enjoying a good back massage.

However, one cat got a back scratch from the most unusual of benefactors – a macaque who ate the tics that it found in her fur.

The cute footage in the video clip below shows the macaque – Bug’s Bullock – gently massaging the cat’s back.

The cat, whose name is Snickers, seems to be absolutely content as it enjoyed a massage outside in the sunshine.

However, it is revealed that the macaque has an ulterior motive – every time he finds a tick on the cat’s back, he throws it into his mouth and eats it.

He moves from her back to her ears, finding the ticks like an expert and disposing of them.

And of course, the cat seems to enjoy the massage more and more – closing her eyes and stretching out in ecstasy on her hay bale.

Eventually, the macaque finishes the cat’s grooming session – leaving the cat to enjoy a peaceful sleep.