Hero Cat Lover Stops Busy Highway Traffic to Rescue Kitten Who Was Almost Hit A Dozen Times!

RUSSIA – A cat lover literally stopped all traffic on a Russian highway to rescue a kitten that fell out of a luxury Audi four-wheel drive.

The kitten stood frozen and terrified on the busy highway for a minute on September 12 in Kaliningrad, a city on the Baltic Coast sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania.

At least a dozen cars and trucks just narrowly avoid the limp kitten, until a black Peugeot hatchback stops directly in front of it.

With his hazard lights flashing, the man boldly and heroically steps out of his vehicle and walks towards the dark gray kitten.

He then cradles the cat in one arm and proceeds to take it back it back to his car, passing the kitten to a passenger before resuming his trip.

This man is a hero.