Check Out These Tiger-Sized Domestic Cats!

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re generally small. Well, not these cats – the pics below will show you cat pets which are as big as a tiger. No harm, though – they are not as dangerous as the big felines. They are just like other domesticated pets – they love their food and belly rubs but will never eat you alive.

Take a look at these tiger-sized cats:

1. This adolescent kitty that looks like a lion is actually sweet and very friendly. His hoomans just love him like their kid and wonders when the kitty will actually stop growing in size.

2. He is not to be blamed if he takes everyone’s attention all the time. After all, being so huge is a talent in itself.

3. A lot of you must be wondering that this should be the other way round, but this is how it is. Our big kitty takes care of everyone in the house.

4. This kitty is not too happy about his size. Or is it just the fact that he worried that his hooman will get tired soon and then who will pick him up.

5. This big kitty is really possessive about his little friend. No one should try to harm him or the consequences would be seriously very scary.

6. Is that a kitty under the blanket? Wait, maybe the huge kitty is the blanket we are wondering about.

7. Arms and legs just popped out of a huge ball. Isn’t this really cute? Yes, we can go bowling now. It will be fun.

8. That long pony tail is going to make everyone jealous and we are not joking about this. We have heard the rumours already.

9. This is surely a kitty to stare at. Where do you find such beautiful huge cats? What are they feeding you, kitty?

10. This kitty is tired of his hooman’s bragging attitude. Stop doing that now.