Pizza Hut Japan Is Bringing Back Its Store Run Completely by Cats!

JAPAN – It’s still unclear why this took so long, but Pizza Hut Japan is reopening its Pizza Cat! store, a (wholly fake) location totally mismanaged by a team of cats that proved wildly popular online in 2014.

The all-feline staff excelled at looking just too cute, but were literally the worst at their jobs — they couldn’t clean, stay awake on the job, study sales reports without eating the desk plant, or deliver orders in anything resembling a timely manner.

Frankly, it’s not easy to tell what improvements, if any, have been made this time around, mostly because the ad is in Japanese.

Granted, they’ve technically had an entire three years to polish up their managerial skills, which is like well over a decade in cat years, but the mountain of coupons that alarms the new hire Shinjin suggests the new strategy just might be to buy customers’ loyalty.

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