Family Helps Blinded Kitty to See Again

A man spotted an adorable wee one of a tabby kitten hiding underneath a car. She was obviously in distress and it appeared that she wasn’t able to see.


“She was covered in burns and both eyes were matted shut,” imgur user Feetyoumeet said.

And so, this kind man took the kitten to his home where he and his family made a special collar for her, which prevented her from being able to rub her eyes and make them worse.

This kitten also had a second obstacle which needed to be overcome. She was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection and had to be fed via syringe. However, this smart little wee one seemed to realize that this caring family was simply trying to help her and she seemed overjoyed and relieved to finally have people around her who cared.


Even the family dog stepped in to offer some emotional support!


Sadie, the family dog, spent a great deal of time at the kitten’s side keeping her company and consoling her.


Several days of nights of syringe feedings paid off and before everyone knew it, she was finally able to eat on her own.

“Her right eye is perfectly healthy while we still battle with the perforation in the left eye.”

The kitten also became friends with the family cat, named “Maybe.”


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the perfect ending for this adorable little creature. While she finally did regain sight in her right eye, it was determined that the left one would not recover.

“I took her into my work (I am a veterinary technician for a veterinary ophthalmologist) and examined her eyes.”

One option remained and consequently, her left eye was removed. Without this procedure, she might have lived the rest of her life in pain and discomfort.


Following the surgery to the kitten’s left eye, Sadie the dog began to spend more time than ever with her, as if the loving pooch realized that not everything turned out OK for her little friend.


Two weeks after the surgery:

In the end, the family adopted her and named her, “Squint.”

Very glad that I worked where I worked and was able to help this little gal,” said her rescuer.


You don’t need two eyes to see just how far a little love can go!