Iron Man Has A Soft Spot For his Fur-babies


The 50-year-old actor is officially reprising his role as superhero Tony Stark/Iron Man in the upcoming Marvel movie. It was shot in Atlanta and as he prepared for filming Robert realized he’d like a few of his creature comforts around him, which resulted in him moving the entire contents of his home to the city for the duration of filming.

“I didn’t do a thing, the moving company did,” he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. “Here’s the deal, lest I be thought of as some self-involved, snarky, ‘he’s got it all’ thing: you’re away from home for a long time and we bring the cats and the kids and the cats like this chair, that’s where they nap, so let’s bring the chair. We thought, as a matter of fact, let’s bring the house.

I’m not that eccentric and I’m not paying for it so it’s not like I’m being extravagant… thank you Disney. I’m not going to do it next time.”

Good luck, Robert, we just know you’re going to have another hit movie. Behind every successful super hero, are the devoted and loving felines who rescued him!

The “Iron Man” who has a soft spot for his fur-babies.