Itty Bitty Marshmallow Kitty Takes No Lip From Doggie!

Jacques and Belle are just way too cute! These two kittens were left on their own to play while their mom was away.

They were just exploring the living room when Pucci the dog comes to have a bit of fun with them.

While Jacques finds plenty of places to explore that might be dog-free, Belle holds her ground on the blanket.

Pucci does not know just what to make of the kitten who is apparently holding her own!

Maybe she’s just a marshmallow on a mission!

Soon, mama cat comes back downstairs and ushers the kittens back to a dog-free zone. Belle doesn’t seem to want to go, though!

She seems to be happy just hanging out in the living room downstairs on her blanket.

She also isn’t scared of Pucci and thinks she thinks she is just a big kitty!

Mama wins, of course, and they all retreat back to the kitty zone.

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