Town Just for Cats in Turkey Being Expanded to Accommodate Up to 1,000 Cats!

TURKEY – A town for cats established in the northern province of Samsun for the street cats just last year is now going to be expanding each day.

The number of cats staying there has already quadrupled.

More than 200 street cats now reside in an atmosphere that resembles a five-star hotel. The feline town will now be expanded since people are bringing more and more cats from other cities. Nurhan İşler, the provincial head of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Affairs, said they only housed 50 cats in the beginning but now receives demands from different cities. İşler added that they want to expand the area so that perhaps 1,000 cats of so can live comfortably.

“We are planning to create a special kitchen for them along with new play areas,” she stated.

Established by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality two years ago, the facility was initially founded on a 10,000-kilometer area of forest inside the municipal animal shelter. Street cats are collected and spayed or neutered before they are brought there to their new home.

Wooden shelters were placed throughout the area for cats to live in, either in groups or alone.

The facility also takes care of sick and injured cats and has a bridge and walking paths. Hüseyin Aydın, the cats personal veterinarian and the manager of the animal shelter, stated: “The facility is like a five-star hotel for cats. Everything that is required for their health and life is provided here. There is probably no other facility like this around Turkey.”

We here at The Best Cat Page believe there is probably no other facility like it … in the world.