Fireman Rescues Burned Cat, and Then Helps Him …

PENNSYLVANIA – “He put his paws up on me and climbed onto my shoulder as if to say, I choose you.I knew right then it was meant to be.”

Lieutenant Stephen Paslawski, who is a Philadelphia firefighter stated that this after adopting a burned cat named Campbell.

Lt. Paslawski recently lost his 15-year old cat, and so, he decided to adopt a new cat. Campbell just so happened to be recovering from multiple surgeries after he was burned over more than 60% of his body, having been set on fire by two men.

The two men who set Campbell on fire were charged with animal abuse, and are currently serving 2 years in prison.

Paslawski contacted PSPCA to adopt Campbell once he heard the tragic story on the news.

“I was disgusted that anyone could do this to any animal. I had recently put down another cat due to a large tumor, and with me being a firefighter and Campbell being burned, it just seemed like a perfect fit,” Paslawski stated.

“He’ll have a loving home for the rest of his life,” he went on to say.

2 years later Campbell is a happy and healthy boy.

“Campbell is doing wonderfully along with his brother Geo who was also a rescue adopted from Philadelphia Red Paw,” Paslawski said.

“He loves to be out on the screened in porch when the weather is nice and will sit out there for hours. He also likes to roam the fenced-in yard eating grass.”

“His hair has all grown back, but he did lose the tips of his ears. He’s still a handsome boy!”

“He just wants to be loved and that’s it. It’s pretty much what any animal wants.”