Curious Dog Discovers Box of Abandoned Kittens And Instantly Decides to Become Their Dad

It certainly is a full dog house for Aragon.

The Grecian rescue pup was just out on a walk in Ymittos with his human, when he caught the scent of something ( abandoned kittens ) cute and in need of a hero.

Following his nose, altruistic Aragon managed to sniff out a box of little black-and-white kittens abandoned and left to fend for themselves, reports Laughing Squid.

It was love at first lick for Aragon, who instantly and immediately fell muzzle over paws for the mewing orphans the very moment he saw them.

Thankfully, the dog didn’t need to part with the pussycats. Aragon’s owner is a volunteer with the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), and so, she knew just what kind of care the kittens needed.

She then brought the babies home, with Aragon keeping a very close eye on the box throughout the entire trip, so she and Aragon could foster the bunch.

Aragon is actually doing most of the work. Since the kittens arrived, he has actually taken on the role of helicopter parent, hovering over the curious fluff balls at all times, and covering them in doggie smooches when he can get them to sit still.

For a dog who is neutered, Aragon has taken to dad duties with impressive ease. All thanks to his doting presence all of the kittens are healthy, happy and now available for adoption through SCARS.

Unfortunately, finding abandoned boxes of kittens are not an unusual find in the mountain town of Ymittos. SCARS has already rescued 25 other kittens this season abandoned in the same area as Aragon’s brood — and these just so happen to be the lucky ones.

According to the rescue, many of the boxes which are left on the mountain are found empty aside from a blanket or a toy, the animal once left inside already picked off by a fox or a some other kind of mountain predator.

On the same day Aragon found his feline foster family, he and his owner were just on their way to document the animal abandonment crisis in the area. SCARS hopes that the caring canine’s story encourages others to find another home for unwanted animals, instead of just abandoning them and leaving them to the elements.