Kitten With Broken Jaw Who Was Dumped Outside Restaurant Hopes To Be In His Forever Home By Christmas

In South Wales, a restaurant staff member just so happened to stumble upon a sad and pitiful sight: an emaciated kitten with wounds and a broken jaw had been dumped in the doorway and left to die.

A white kitten who has beautiful markings. She immediately took him to the Fields Veterinary Group in Newport, South Wales to be examined. It was there that they discovered that his jaw was broken and there were blood clots in his mouth.

The injuries were more than likely caused from being kicked in the face. Aside from being in severe pain, the kitten was also unable to eat because his jaw wasn’t working properly.

At first, it was still unclear whether the kitten, who they named Rupert, was going to make it. He was estimated to be about 3-months-old, and had already endured and experienced so much in his little life. But they cared for him and nourished him through a feeding tube, hoping and praying for the best.

When he was healthy enough, they wired his jaw back into place so it could heal and he could eat normally again one day.

A rescue called Blue Cross For Pets placed poor Rupert in a loving foster home and started searching for a special forever family to place this little fighter. So far, he’s already improved so much!

According to a story by Blue Cross, Rehoming Manager Hannah Wiltshire stated, “The first 24 hours it was touch and go for Rupert but since his operation he has now doubled in size and has been a lot more alert and inquisitive.”

Rupert’s foster mom, whose name is Kirsty Buckland from Fields Veterinary Group, went on to explain how he’s even beginning to develop his own personality.

“He’s been through so much and has such a strong soul,” she noted in the story. “He loves to watch TV and touch the screen and also likes to look at your phone and tries to take it off you – he’s played on cat games on there. He’s definitely more independent now and wants to explore everything and has only recently found his meow.”

Rupert’s adoption profile is posted here, but according to the Blue Cross Facebook page, it’s possible he may have already found his forever home. “We’re pleased to say that Rupert has now been reserved, so will hopefully be in a new home in time for Christmas!” their post currently states.

A HUGE thanks to all the heroes who assisted in little Rupert’s rescue – we’re so glad he got a second chance. And we here at The Best Cat Page wish the best of luck to the sweet little kitten and his new forever family!

(h/t: Blue Cross For Pets) / Via