Kitten Found Frozen And Barely Clinging To Life and Then …

UTAH – We humans don’t have fur to keep them warm during cold weather, so we need all the clothing we can get. And just because cats and dogs have fur, that doesn’t mean they’re safe.

One man discovered this in a very scary manner. He opened his window of his home to find a cat frozen to a blanket on his windowsill. It had gotten so dreadfully cold that the poor wee one could not move at all.

Thankfully, the kitten, who is now named Elsa, has a brand new lease on life. Which is kind of incredible, given it was assumed she wouldn’t even make it through the night.

As temperatures around the world continue to drop, it is always smart to look out for animals that might have gotten stuck in the cold weather, like this other cat that was found frozen to the ground.

Elsa was discovered by David, who acted quickly and got her to help quickly. She had gotten stuck somehow and was frozen to a blanket on his windowsill.

When she was brought into the foster department of the Humane Society of Utah, she was literally as cold as ice. No one expected her to hold on for long. However, one of the vets quickly got to work to raise Elsa’s temperature.

Elsa was given fluids to rehydrate her and heated blankets to help keep her warm. Slowly but surely, she began to show signs that she had the energy of the 10-week-old kitten she was

She was given the name Elsa by the foster staff at the Humane Society of Utah, as she likes to sing to get attention, and clearly the cold doesn’t bother her!

Though she is healing now, she did suffer some damage from the cold. Her ears still show signs of frostbite.

“She is in foster care with one of our foster staff members who reported today that although she is still skinny and has been eating wet food, she is beginning to take interest in dry food,” Deann Shepherd, who is director of marketing and communications at the Humane Society of Utah, explained to the website, LittleThings.

As any cat parent would know, Elsa’s interest in dry food is wonderful news. While they do not know yet if her ears will need to be removed, Elsa is still a very affectionate and happy kitten.

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