Kittens Dumped At London Animal Shelter Named After Star Wars Characters

LONDON, ENGLAND – Kittens who were abandoned right on Christmas Eve were named after Star Wars characters in hopes that is makes them more adoptable.

A total of seven kittens were left at London’s Wood Green Animal Shelter on the 24th of December.

Of the seven cats, there are four female and three male kitties.

Within minutes of being left with the charity the seven kittens were gleefully playing with wrapping-paper cardboard tube inserts, which reminded the staffmembers of lightsabers.

There is most definitely a likeness with some of the seven. Have a look for yourselves ….

Four out of four stars for cuteness, indeed!








Clockwise from top left: Human Han Solo, Kitten Han Solo, Kitten Yoda, Green Yoda



Droid C-3PO (l) and Kitten C-3PO


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