Woman Saves Kitten Despite Being Told He was too ‘Feral’

A man discovered a litter of stray kittens by his office in downtown Atlanta. Georgia. He immediately called his daughter to assist him in rescuing the babies.

“We made it our mission to trap these little guys in a trap we had,” reddit user GJones26 said.

The rescue efforts took a lot longer than they expected. After many weeks of waiting, they finally caught one kitten.

One trap which was kept behind some bushes had been stolen, but they got another one and continued to trap.

“Finally after checking the trap religiously every morning we caught this little guy!”

They put everything else aside that day just so that they could take the kitten to the vet.

The tiny ginger kitten was infested with fleas and going absolutely mad inside the cage. The vet told them that the kitten was way too ‘feral’ to be adopted and should be released back into the wild.

In spite of the vet’s advice, they took the kitten home.


“This is one of the pictures we took of him after getting home from the vet that day. And while the teary eyes are from him having a cold he is now fully recovered!”

“He’s officially taken over his human’s bed,”

“Honestly how could I give up such a sweet little loving baby?”

Maybe he just needed someone to believe in him.


Source: lovemeow.com

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