10 Reasons Why Your Cat is Meowing!

Cats absolutely love to talk. Their meowing is a way of communicating and always with a reason. These reasons may range from your cat not feeling well to a means of just saying hi.

So why exactly does your cat meow?

Here are ten reasons why cats meow!

1. Kitty is injured


Meowing excessively may mean your cat is trying to let you know that it is hurt, especially if the meowing seems out of the ordinary. All types of different diseases and illnesses can cause a cat to meow excessively and you should see a vet right away if your cat starts to.

2. Kitty is greeting you


When you arrive home after staying away or even gone for a brief moment, you cat just wants to say hello to you when you walk in.

3. Your cat is hungry


Once you’ve had your fur-kid for some time, you will begin to notice the meows and stances that mean kitty’s hungry. Some cat’s meow and surround their food bowls when they want to eat, even chasing you when you don’t pay attention to them. They are truly pros at telling you when they need or want food.

4. They want your attention


Just like dogs, cats absolutely love to be played with and held. Sometimes a cat will meow at you so you will start petting them or play.

5. Stressed out

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Cats become stressed just like their humans. Excessive meowing is yet just another indication that your cat may be stressed out. An appointment with your vet may be in order!

6. Kitty is upset for some reason


When cats are feeling aggressive or maybe a bit upset; they meow in a growling-like tone. This is to warn you or and everyone around before they attack.

7. Your cat is feeling Isolated


Although cats are very independent creatures, they don’t like to be left alone for very long periods of time. They can start to meow more, and even develop anxiety.

8. Old Age


It has been proven that senior cats will meow more as the days pass, and above all, a decrease in regular functioning may develop.

9. Kitty wants you to open the door


If your cat likes to venture outside or is an outdoor cat; he may be meowing for you to let him in. This may even be when you close the door to a bedroom; your cat may just want to be with you.

10. Kitty is in heat


If your cat has not been spayed, she is likely to meow a lot because she is either in heat or about to be in heat. Spaying your female cat is the best solution to end this particular meow.

Above all of these signs noted here, you know your own cat the best.

It should also be mentioned that cats sometimes meow for no reason at all.

We hope this is a guide helps you to understand your furry one’s communications just a bit better.