Tiny Kitty Wasn’t Growing Until She Got a Job!

Baby G wasn’t growing at a normal rate until she found her “purr-pose” in life. This adorable wee one came to Nine Lives Foundation when she was a tiny and sickly 4-month-old kitten. She was merely skin and bones because she wasn’t growing and needed around the clock medical attention. That’s when Margo, one of NLF volunteers, started taking Baby G to her home at night.

“I take her home with me every night and she comes to work with me every morning. She will only eat her wet food when she is on the desk at NLF and she has company. She is a social eater. She has lots of aunts and uncles that love her at the shelter,”

The poor little kitty was born with an enlarged heart. No one was quite sure if she was going to make it at all.

“She got used to coming to NLF with Margo. Margo of course fell in love and adopted her. Needless to say Baby G has found her forever home and looks forward to her car ride, office manager role!” Angela of NLF told the people at Love Meow.

At 6 months old, she weighed less than two pounds. Baby G had stolen every staffer’s heart and made herself a fixture around the office. As she got better and stronger, her true self began to bloom. She goes around the office checking on office supplies and making sure the staff are doing a good job and supervising the adoption process of the other kitties there, helping everyone with their various office duties as you can see in the photos.

She has become a regular “office kitty.”

Nine Lives Foundation is located in Redwood City, California. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or adopting a kitty, you should go to Nine Lives Foundation or their facebook page.