Kitty Carrier Cat-in-the-Bag. Good Idea? Or The Worst Product Ever?

Well, apparently, the cat’s out of the bag on the secret weapon it takes to get your cat into the bag.

One brave company is claiming to have a product the will answer your cat transportation problems.

The Cat-In-The-Bag Cozy Comfort Carrier ($33.95) is pretty much what it sounds like — it’s a bag designed to comfortably contain felines.

Like the famed Snuggie for humans, this new invention comes with a place for your cat’s head, but no holes for their arms and legs.

The creators are saying their cat sack is different from other carriers because it doesn’t isolate your cat. Instead of being stuffed in a fear-inducing box, a cat can now be carefully wrapped up in this bag that keeps it safe while also allowing room for the animals to move freely with an unconfined head.

With a shoulder strap that actually doubles as a seat-belt pass-through, Cat-In-The-Bag claims it turns transporting your cat from a worrisome chore into an easy task for all.

While the cats in this clip below seem calm, there is no guarantee your cat will act the same.

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