WATCH: What Makes This Cat the Clingiest Cat In the World!

What a truly wonderful feeling it is to be loved. Just ask the owner of the cat in this video who warmed the Internet’s heart when he went ahead and posted a video of his cat clinging to his arm.

All viewers get an up-close view of what the kitty really thinks of his human companion when he pulls his owner’s arm in super close and refuses to let him leave.

While we can clearly see the look of sheer bliss, The Nest verifies that when a cat responds this way it is most definitely showing affection.

Most cats love to be cuddled and when they cling to your arm it is a sure way of showing that they are very happy to see you and content.

While this type of attention may get in the way of errands and other various chores that require you to move, the verdict is in that it’s still the cutest thing ever!

People from all around the world commented on the video. One comment noted, “More adorableness than I know what to do with.” We definitely agree!

While this kitty truly is a lover, he’s also quite selective. This cat only responds to his owner like this, which the Twitter user admits is because he has totally spoiled this adorable feline.

So what’s the only thing one can do when their cat won’t let them leave? Well, it’s obvious! You simply take a break from your busy life and pet him, of course!