Kleptomaniac Cat Steals Bras, Garden Gloves from Neighbors! – VIDEO!

She’s only two years old but has a rap sheet of some 60 or so crimes. Fittingly, her name is Sketch and she’s a certifiable cat burglar in the truest form.

Each and every night she prowls the streets of Vernon, B.C., searching for her next target. It’s not birds or mice she’s after though; she prefers inanimate keepsakes.

“She brings home some weird, random stuff,” stated Sketch’s owner Cindy Schmidt.

What’s the weirdest?

“One time she left a bra on my bed.”

For the most part, her collection consists mainly of dog toys and garden gloves — both the right and left of course, because you can’t just have just one from the pair.

Sketch wasn’t always a kleptomaniac kitty, she only started stealing about two months ago.

The Schmidt family has turned to social media to try and return some of these stolen items and has already reunited some of the goods with their rightful owners.

As for trying to convince Sketch to quit up her life of crime? The family admits there’s not much anyone can do.

“How do you get her to stop?” Schmidt giggled. “She’s a cat.”