Tabby Cat Climbed Too High Up Into a Tree But That Wasn’t His Only Challenge!

A cat got a crisp packet stuck on its head CREDIT: RSPCA

A cat got a crisp packet stuck on its head CREDIT: RSPCA

WEST SUSSEX, UK – SPCA staff had quite an unusual call-out after helping rescue a cat with a packet of crisps stuck on its head.

It has been nicknamed ‘Golden Blunder’ after a member of the public called the animal welfare charity to help rescue the tabby and white feline that was seen trapped in a tree.

Animal welfare officer (AWO) Marie Stevens did eventually manage to climb around 12ft up the tree to rescue the cat in Halnaker, near Chichester, West Sussex.

The member of the public was concerned for obvious reasons that the cat would not be able to get down from the tree.

“I reached out to the cat and just managed to quickly whip the crisp packet off of his head before he panicked and disappeared further up the tree,” AWO Stevens stated. “As soon as I pulled the packet off, the cat jumped from the branch to freedom and ran off.

“I guess you could say we ‘salted’ it!

“The cat didn’t seem to be injured or particularly ‘Frazzled’ by his experience and ran off as soon as he was freed.”

A RSPCA spokesperson went on to advise: “If you do see a cat stuck up a tree or trapped on a roof, please monitor them – as it may well be that they are able to make their own way down.

“It can be, when they are given time and space, they find their way down without help. Often it helps if they are left alone as crowds, dogs and people may stress and panic them”.