Putting Face Mask on Cats or Dogs Is Extremely Dangerous

With the COVID-19 pandemic still not letting up, wearing masks even when out in public has become mandatory in some countries. And, while half of the world is not convinced masks can help, the other half is strongly pro-mask to the point of even putting them on their pets. This trend was recently confirmed as quite dangerous by vets – you can’t protect your pets from the coronavirus and putting a mask on them could kill them.

Animal experts from all over the world have issued a blunt response to the concerning trend. According to veterinarian Melissa Meehan from Melbourne, Australia, the masks could cause stress and anxiety in cats. In the worst scenario, they could die.

Pet owners from all around the world are being urged not to put masks on their pets. While masks are not harmful for our breathing, they could seriously harm pets. Many people have been posting pics of their pets wearing masks online thinking it is cute. In reality, it could be harming them.

Since the coronavirus doesn’t attack pets as it attacks us, it’s best to avoid this dangerous trend and keep your pets away from serious trouble.

Source: Yahoo News