Man Accused of Ordering Dog to Attack Cat!

JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN – A Beloit man has been accused of ordering a dog to attack a cat has actually been charged with a felony in Rock County Court.

Eloncio Cervantes Morales, who is 51, of 2238 Liberty Ave., Beloit, is charged with instigating fights between the two animals.

According to the criminal complaint, Morales was a customer at thebSpeedy Auto Repair, 2528 Center Ave., Janesville, when the dog attacked and killed a cat back on April 4.

A worker at a neighboring business explained to police that he saw a man throwing sticks into a tree and then saw a cat fall from the tree, according to the complaint.

The witness then said the man then snapped his fingers and pointed to where the cat fell and gave the dog an order in Spanish, according to the complaint.

The man then turned around and quickly returned to the auto-repair shop, the witness noted, and the dog was standing over a dead cat.

On April 19, Janesville police talked to Morales, who told them he saw the dog barking and the cat up in the tree and tried to pull the dog into the shop, but the dog was too strong, according to the complaint.

Morales stated he then threw sticks at the cat to try to knock it out of the tree, hoping that it would be able to run away, according to the complaint.

But when the cat fell from the tree, it turned instead and confronted the dog, and the dog attacked and killed the cat, Morales stated, according to the complaint.

Morales said he then returned to the shop and reported to workers that the dog had just killed a cat.

A worker at the shop said to police Morales said he was with the shop dog behind the business and tried get the cat to leave so the dog would not be able to attack it.

The worker explained Morales said once the cat was out of the tree, he then brought the dog back into the shop, but he never said the cat was injured, according to the complaint.

The maximum penalty for instigating animal fights is a total of three years and six months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Morales is now free on a signature bond and is ordered to have no contact with the dog. His next court is an adjourned initial appearance which will be on Wednesday, June 22.